Fiqh and Fatawa

The Objectives of Islamic Law
Discourses On Islamic Law And Matters Of Public Concern By Salman Alouda (PDF)
Fiqh Al-Sunnah Book | PDF
Salat Times & Islamic Calendar
Hijri Islamic Calendar & Convertor
A Description of Prophet’s (PBUH) Ablution
The Importance of Prayer
The Prophet’s (PBUH) Prayer
The Right Way to pray by picture and sound  2 video
Prayer in Congregation (Salat Al-Jama’ah)
Ramadan and Fasting
70 Matters Related to Fasting (Seyam) book by Shaikh Al-Munajjid
All About Hajj (Islamic Pilgrimage)
A Guide to Hajj, Umrah and Visiting the Prophet Mosque
Perform Hajj – A Muslim’s Pilgrimage to Mecca
Ask About Islam (For Non Muslims Only)
Islam Q & A’s
IslamWeb Fatawa Center Fatawa Center
Islam Help Line
Cyber counselor ( )
Volunteer Experts Answer All your Questions About Islam
Glossary of Islamic Terms and Concepts 2 3
Authentic supplications of the prophet
Islam Page For Dhikr Allah
Dawa net

You Can Ask Your Q’s here (Toll free Tel. # within the USA and Canada):
1-800- 953-2892 (1-800- 95 FATWA )
1-877-949-4752 (1-877-WHY-ISLAM)

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Sunnah (Hadith of the Prophet)

The Status of Sunnah in Islam
Adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet
Some Selected Ahadith (sayings) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Sahih Al-Bukhari | buy
Sahih Muslim | buy
Bukhari , Muslim and other main online Hadith books

An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths(Translation) | buy
Riyadh Al-Saleheen By Imam Al-Nawawi | buy
An Introduction to the Science of Hadith
Very useful and easy search about Hadith in Arabic
Ihsan International Hadith Study Association Network
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Quran | Islamic Audio

The Holy Quran Reciting (more than 90 recitor from
another big Recitation site (
The Holy Quran Reciter by Flash design (very good for memorizing)
Free Full Holy Quran Albums Downloadable by Torrent
Holy Quran Translation in English

Recitation of the Translation of the Meaning of the Holy Quran
Online Translations of Holy Quran in 24 language
Translations of the Meaning of Holy Quran in 40 languages (PDF)
Explanation (Tafseer) of the Holy Quran
Tafseer Ibn Kathir
Holy Quran Explorer
The Holy Quran and the modern science
Miraculous Quran
The Amazing Quran

Scientific Signs of Qur’an & Sunnah
Holy Quran Resources on the Internet Authentic Islamic Literature
How to Recite the Holy Quran (Tajweed)
Noorani Learning Center (Noorani Rule Tajweed Learning)
King Fahad Holy Quran Complex in Madinah
Holy Quran broadcasting from Riyadh
Islamic Audio
Islam Way Audio Library
Hear Islam
IslamWeb Audio Section
Your guide to best Islamic audio !

Islamic Audios in World’s Languages
Haramain Salaat and Khutbah Recordings
Alminbar : 100’s of ready Friday Khutba in English
Some Videos on Islam and different topics
Al-Majd TV Live Broadcasting
Huda TV Live Web Streaming
Peace TV
Tube Islam
Watch Islam
The Deen Show

Well-Known Scholars of ISLAM

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal PhilipsAudios
Yusuf EstesAudios
Muhammad Salih Almunajjed Homepage (Islam Q&A) Other sites by him
Ahmad Deedat Audiobooks Debates
The Official website of Ahmad Deedat
Dr. Zakir Naik WebsiteDebates 2
Jamal Badawi – Debates
Dr. Jaafar Idris
Muhammad Syed Adly Lectures
Ahmad Jibril Website
Scholars Audio Lectures
Scholars Video Lectures
More Scholars websites in the Arabic Islamic sites page
Fatawa Sites


Women in Islam

Women In Islam Site
Are Muslim Women Oppressed?
Some Misconceptions about Women in Islam
Islams Women – Muslim Woman Status, Rights, Hij

ab, Marriage, and More
Islam The choice of Thinking Women By: Ismail Adam Patel
The Status of Woman in Islam
The Distorted Image of Muslim Women
Why Do Muslim Women Have to Cover their Heads?
Women in Islam versus women in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, The myth & The reality
Good Audio about Women in Islam

The Wisdom behind the Islamic Laws Regarding Women
Many More Articles on Women In Islam
Videos about women converting to Islam all over the world !
HIJAB: How It Protects And Benefits Women And Society
This Is Hijab (song)
Sisters Corner : teaching about Islam for women
The New Muslimah Group – For Women Who Rediscovered Islam
The Ideal Muslimah
The Muslim Woman and Her Husband (PDF)
The Attributes of the Ideal Muslim Husband
Fiqh of Marriage

Ruling on a Muslim Man Marrying a Non-Muslim Woman and vice versa
Kids in Islam
Islam 4 Kids
Muslim Islamic Names with meanings
Muslims names : boys and girls
A2Youth The Youth’s Resource to Islam
Young Muslims
The Islamic Ruling on Homosexuality
Islamic Perspective of Sex
Sex and Sexuality in Islam


Who was Muhammad ﷺ

This Is Muhammad ! (PBUH)
Muhammad (PBUH): The World’s Great Prophet
What They Said about Muhammad ?
Have you discover the truth about him ?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Allah’s Messenger to the Whole Mankind
Twelve Proofs that Muhammad is a true Prophet
Evidence of Muhammad’s Prophethood >
Prophecies of the Quran Addressed to Muhammad (PBUH)
The Prophet (PBUH) as the Model for Truthfulness and Trustworthiness
Muhammad the Greatest by Ahmad Deedat

What the Bible Says About Muhammad (PBUH) ?
Muhammad in the Bible: What all Christians and Jews MUST know about the Bible
Prophet Muhammad the last Messenger in the Bible
The Natural Successor to Christ by Ahmad Deedat
Prophet Muhammad in Hindu Scriptures
Prophet Muhammad In Parsi Scriptures
What Famous Non-Muslims Say About Prophet Muhammad ?
Muhammad’s Prophethood an Analytical View
The Final Prophet

The Life of Muhammad (PBUH)By Muhammad Husayn Haykal
Biography Of The Final Messenger (PBUH)
The Tolerance of the Prophet towards Other Religions
Love of the Prophet (PBUH) by Dr. Bilal Philips [part1] [part2]
The story of Muhammad (PBUH) read by Yusuf Islam
Adherence to Islam and Reviving it Based on the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Alsunnah Network
Companions of The Prophet 2 3 4

Islam answering Christianity

Basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims side by side
Islam Vs Christianity (Flash)
Jesus The Islamic and Christian Views Compared
We Believe in Jesus !
How did Christianity become mixed with polytheistic beliefs?
Muslim Christian Dialogue

Jesus (peace be upon him) In The Holy Quran
The Truth About Prophet Jesus
My Great Love for Jesus Led me to Islam!
The Real Story Of Mary From the Holy Quran
Christ in Islam by Ahmed Deedat

Is Jesus the same as God ?
Did God Become Man? By Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
What Is His Nature? (God In Christianity) By Naji Al-Arfaj (PDF)
The True Message of Jesus Christ By Dr. Bilal Philips
Jesus – The Hidden Facts!
True Christianity

The Bible Denies the Divinity of Jesus
What Did Jesus Really Say?
The God That Never Was
Prophet Jesus (PBUH) Never Claimed Divinity
Who invented the Trinity?
What the Bible Says About Muhammed by Ahmed Deedat
What all Christians and Jews MUST know about the Bible
Examining The Bible

Examining The Quran
Is the Bible the word of God ?   Video
The Bible … a closer look
Gospel of Barnabas !
101 Biblical Contradictions
50,000 Errors in the Bible!
What is the Relationship between Christianity and Buddhism ?
Comparative Religion
Islam Compared With Other Religions
Exposing Jewish Myths Towards Islam
Corruption of the Torah ?

Selected Verses from The Holy Quran a Christian Need to Read
Islam Answers (from Bible!)
Islam Answers Back
Islamic Awareness against Christian missionary lies
Veiws of Non-Muslim Scientists about Islam
What Have They Said About Islam? (Audio)
Islamic Chat Room (A Place to Chat or Discuss Your Views and Islam)
Links about Christian-Muslim Debate
Hinduism exposed
50 Qeustions And Answers On Islamic Monotheism
The Authentic Creed and the Invalidators of Islam By Shaikh Ibn Baz
33 Lessons For Every Muslim